Deploy on FAC Chain

Using Remix

Creating A Smart Contract

Navigate to and select contracts > 1_Storage.sol from the File Explorers pane.
  • Review the smart contract code and learn more using the Solidity docs or with Solidity by Example.
  • Complete any changes to your smart contract and save the final version (Command/Ctrl + S).

Compile the Contract

  • Choose the Solidity Compiler Icon on the left side menu.
  • Check that your compiler version is within the versions specified in the pragma solidity statement.
  • Select the Compile button to compile your smart contract.

Deploy the Contract

  • Click the Deploy and Run Transactions Icon on the left side menu.
  • Choose Injected Web3 as your environment.
  • Connect to FAC Chain Mainnet
  • Click Deploy and select Confirm in the MetaMask notification window to pay for the transaction

Interacting with the Contract

  • Select the dropdown on the newly deployed contract at the bottom of the left panel.
  • View the deployed contract’s functions using the Deployed Contracts window.
  • Select functions to read or write on the Fahrenheit Mainnet using the function inputs as needed.
  • Confirm write transactions in the MetaMask Notification Window to pay the transaction’s gas fee.

View Contract Details

  • Copy the contract address from the Deployed Contracts window on the left panel.
  • Navigate to the FACScan and use the contract address to search for your contract.
  • Explore the details of your deployed smart contract and learn more about the explorer.