FAC Validators

FAC Chain Validators participate in the consensus Proof-of-Authority. They help secure the Fahrenheit Chain by verifying transactions and proposing blocks to add to the Fahrenheit Chain.
Validators produce blocks in rotation. By processing transactions and signing blocks, they basically support the Fahrenheit Chain. In exchange for their service, individuals receive FAC tokens as compensation. In addition, they must be re-elected everyday through staking governance in order to remain part of the validator set.
What are the requirements to be a validator?
A validator needs to spin up a hardware node with the required specs, run a full FAC node, and stake a minimum of 100,000 FAC. But that’s not all. These requirements are only enough to become an elected candidate.
In order to actually start producing blocks, a validator candidate needs to become an elected validator. Elected validators are the top 21 validator candidates with the highest amount of voting power. They change every 24 hours through an ongoing election process, and you can check them out on the top validator list on Binance.org.