What is FACPad?
FACPad is a protocol designed for cross-chain token pools and auctions, allowing projects to raise capital in a decentralized, permissionless, and interoperable Fahrenheit Chain environment.
FACPad allows projects to raise funds from a community of professional and retail investors. The future of fundraising will be decentralized, but it will only scale if it allows for an interoperable token swap through a well-regulated platform and an incentivized community.
The FAC/wFAC token plays an important role in the Fahrenheit ecosystem by being a token for staking and governance. Both of these features are essential to attract and retain high-quality community members long-term as token holders who share the vision of both FACPad and projects that use FACPad's platform. to raise funds.
Use Case:
Startups and projects can raise funds on FACPad’s interoperable and decentralized infrastructure.
This technology can also have other applications outside of fundraising, such as:
  • Closed OTC deals with password protection
  • Discounted sales with whitelisted addresses
  • Token pools will include dutch and sealed-bid auctions
  • Crowdfunding
Staking is an important feature of the Fahrenheit Ecosystem and a use case for the FAC token. Staking allows:
Incentivize providing liquidity.
Access to Pool Rewards.
Access to oversubscribed token sales.