The provision of commercial solutions is given a significant amount of weight in the development of Fahrenheit. In addition to this, it is an open source project that is being developed all around the world. This project offers high scalability while simultaneously preserving decentralization and security. Along with it, there are a few benefits, which include the following:
  • EVM Compatibles
Consumers will not need to spend time acclimating to the new blockchain network, transactions will be assured rapidly, and products will be copied rather than being limited to a single Blockchain. Certain, the project's product will be extended to many additional EVM-compatible Blockchains.
  • Proof-of-Authority Consensus
Validators get "interest" on the funds they stake, and there are also block incentives in addition to transaction costs. This allows the chain to have high levels of security without using too much energy.
  • Interoperable:
Comes with efficient native dual chain communication; Optimized for scaling high-performance dApps that require a fast and smooth user experience.
  • Supports multiple programming languages
Fahrenheit can be developed using the C, C++, Rust, Solidity, and flexible virtual server integration languages.
Extremely quick block generation and transaction speeds.
There are no risks regarding blockchain scalability.
Enterprise-grade security